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Minecraft Is The Latest Craze In The Gaming World


When Minecraft was first released in 2011 many skeptics wrote this game off. It’s plain graphics, lack of state of the art technology, or its indie background proved to be against this game’s success. However within a few months it surprised everyone by becoming one of the most popular games to come in a long time.

Its popularity soon transcended the gaming world. Minecraft became a sensation and the team behind the game was hailed as geniuses, comparing their influence to that of Valve. Minecraft is an open world game. The vast expanse of the game is one of the main reasons behind the game’s success.


Although a little difficult initially, this game soon becomes impossible to give up. The open world environment of the game has been compared to that of Elder Scroll and Fallout. The game can be played in two modes. One is the survival mode. This mode requires the player to acquire food and resources.

Protect themselves from danger and thus maintain their health and their hunger. This mode takes the player back to mankind’s early stages, where he had to survive by cunning, strength and perseverance. The second mode you can play is the creative mode, where the player is provided with everything, resource, health, food etc.

The player even has the ability to fly. A hard-core version of the survival version is also available. You can download this game for free and enjoy it online also. The multiplayer campaign for his game has also become popular and gaming communities pit against each other on regular basis.


Subsequently this game has been released for both Xbox and android based devices. So play Minecraft either for free or help the supporters by purchasing accounts, both ways one thing is guaranteed, you will be satisfied with everything it offers.